10 Goals for the Week

Last weeks goals...
1. Keep up with GMG group and study
2. Find small ways to help people on a daily basis  (I didn't exactly do this every day, but I found a way to help someone. I am not giving details bc I think it takes away from the deed:)
3. Make one out-of-the-house-date happen a month (Nope...didn't happen:(
4. Work on Habit for the Month: Drink More Water   (I did real good at the beginning of the week)
5. Get Facial and Pedi  (My adopted mom does this for free....I know I am so blessed!) (She didn't have time for my toes, but she did my facial)
6.Finish full fledged budget
7. Price and deliver items to local consignment sale (Have a little left to do)
8. Add Valentine's to our week ( We have been one party and have another one today)
9. Look for new Phonics program for Emily  (Started her back on her Funnix Reading-she likes to work on the computer)
10. Write Purex Packet review

This weeks goals...

Spiritual / Ministry
1.Keep up Good Morning Girls Bible Study and Power of a Praying Wife
2. Start 123 Awesome Bible Prayer
3. Continue to look for ways I can be helpful to others

4..In-home Date Night
5. Habit of the month: Drink more water
6. Continue to work on consignment items
7. Clean out shed and look for more items to consign
8. Revamp our cleaning schedule and put it into action

Home School
9. African Celebration

10. Write up Purex Packet and Fierce Beauty reviews

Are you making goals?  How is it going?
Have a Blessed Day!

1 comment:

Chasity said...

You are doing awesome!!!!!
We do in home date nights too. With living on the road that is the only option for us. However, It works quite well. We get a special movie, snack, or plan to just watch tv together. THe kids know we are on a date and they do not interupt, usually, haha.
Also, we read every night together........which I love. It is like a mini date every night.