Good Morning Girls Post: The Glory Of Mundane Tasks

 After my 3rd baby I realized  finally admitted that my family was suffering from all the "good works" I was doing at church.  I was impatient with my children and resentful at my husband because I was so busy. When I signed up to "lead this" and "help with that" I thought I was doing the "good" thing...the right thing.  But, I finally realized my ministry at home was much more important for the time being. Even though what I was doing did not seem like anything great, I knew it was important.  This is not a very popular perspective in churches today.  A lot of churches want you working and forget how much it takes to just care for a family.  It was hard to step down from things. Sometimes people just didn't understand. Sometimes it was something I loved doing, but I knew the timing was not right.  I did what  God was telling me to do and He honored it.  God has made us closer as a family then we have ever been.  He is growing my children  into these amazing little people with hearts after His own heart.  And there is more peace in our lives. Our ministry at home is so important and we should never loose sight of that!

Jen at Good Morning Girls says it all so well.  Please read her post, The Glory of Mundane Tasks.  She puts to words the thoughts I've had in my head for years.
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Chasity said...

I completely agree with this. I have a hard time saying no to "good" things. A good while back I learned to not settle for the "good", but focus on the BEST!! That means God, husband, and kids are the BEST and everything else has to line up after that!! I am still involved in ministry on a regular bases, but my God and family gets the first fruits and everything else gets what is left. I have a happier and healthier home/life for that.

Joyce said...