Have you ever heard of “clean” eating?

I stumbled across this term last weekend and I like it.  What is clean eating?  I am still learning exactly what it means to eat clean.  What I gather so far is that it is cutting out processed foods, preservatives and additives.  It is eating whole foods prepared from scratch at home.  This is exactly how I have been working toward eating and cooking in my home.  I just didn’t know what it was called.Smile

I also stumbled upon a great blog devoted to clean eating a clean eating recipes.  Tiffany at The Gracious Pantry has got my number.  Her clean recipes look delicious yet simple enough for a beginner.  Most of the ingredients are things that I already have on hand or I buy pretty regularly anyway.  I think I can start to eat really clean without breaking the budget with Tiffany's recipes!

Do you already eat clean? I‘d love to hear about it!


Go Long! Go Green! said...

We do all clean eating ... let me know if you have questions!!

Joyce said...

Awesome! Thank you, Allyson. I am sure I will have plenty:)