5 Disciplines~ Week 2- Time Management

Week 1 Update:
  My goals for the Week 1~Body:
1. Stick with the Body Type Diet- So far so good.  I have cut out caffeine and sugar completely! Praising God for the strength to do it!
2. Drink water all day long- I am doing this by keeping a red metal water bottle with me at all times. Dr. A says it is better to drink room temp water because cold water slows the digestion of food. So, even though that sounds gross, it has made it so much easier to keep the water with me all day.  And once you are used to it, it is really not bad:)
3. Walk briskly 20 minutes 4 days a week- So far so good.  Looks like my schedule is going to be M,Th, Fri, and Sat.
4. Add strength training exercises- I am using SparkPeople.com.  They have a fitness tracker that will make up the routines for you and plan them out on the days you tell them to.

Week 1 has gone great! I am very encouraged to keep it up!

Week 2~ Time Management

Courtney challenges us to "create a rhythm in our homes to accomplish the mundane, so we are free to enjoy fun, family and fellowship!"  So perfectly put!  I have been working on time management for a while, and have really got a good rhythm going for our family right now.
My Goal this week~ One thing I don't always do, though, is pray over my schedule and let God make changes where He wants them.  So, I am challenging myself to pray each day over the things on my To Do List and try to hear where God is telling me to move things around or eliminate them all together.

 I thought this might be a good time to share how we get the mundane tasks done around here.  We have tried lots of different schedules and chore systems.  And like everything else they work for a while and then need some tweaking.  I used to try to do a little each day, but that just does not work for me. It is hard for me to focus on school when I know I have housework that needs to be done and vice versa. For me doing most of the major cleaning on one day works.  It might not for you. Every household is different and you will need to experiment with different schedules to find the one that works for your family.  This is just to give you some ideas.

 Grits: Laundry (we try to empty out all the hampers, fold and put it all away)
Mommy: Desk work (phone calls, paperwork, menu plan, couponing, etc.)

 Clean House:
Mommy: Kitchen, Bathrooms, Dust High Places
Food Prep for the week and baking
Make of Errands for the Week
Daddy: Vacuum
Dancing Grit (10): Dust Bedroom, Change Sheets, Wipe Kitchen Cabinets, Clean Glass on Doors and Screens, Dust Low Places in LR, MB, Game Room
Sporty Grit (8): Dust Bedroom, Change Sheets, Sweep and Mop Floors, Dust Dining Room
Goofy Grit (7): Dust Bedroom, Change Sheets, Empty Trash in All Rooms, Dust Low Places in LR, MB, Game Room

Errands and Grocery Shopping

Spot Clean House 
Cut and Organize Coupons

Start Add Matching and Making Grocery Lists
Check To Do Folder
Online Projects (I work on this at night while the grits watch a movie)

Food Prep (anything I can make ahead on time....it really saves me during the week)

Family Rest Time - (I am trying really hard to not work at all on Sundays and truly rest. We have stopped doing any kind of shopping or eating out, too.  

Have a Blessed Day!


Chasity said...

Hey sweet girl!!! Have not had a lot of time for blogging or visiting. Hope you are doing well!!!! Be blessed!!

Joyce said...

Hey, my friend! Me, too! Thanks for checking in!