Game of Graces from Pastimes from Past Times Review and Giveaway!!!

I want you to read the profile from this great Etsy shop…

“Pastimes From Past Times is a small home business run by the "copleykidz": Elizabeth, Sara, Rebecca and Andrew. We got interested in ancient games after learning about our Roman game, Legionary, in our home school. We loved playing it so much that one day we said, "Hey,this game would be fun to make and sell!" While researching it, we ran across other interesting games that we also developed. When we are not working together, we enjoy outdoor recreation, history, reading books, watching good movies, and of course playing games! We love bringing back historic games and pastimes and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!”

Isn’t that great!  An Etsy shop run by home-schoolers who are using their interest and knowledge to grow a home business.  I just love it!

We were sent this  neat game from Pastimes from Past Times. The Game of Graces was invented in France in the 19th Century during the Victorian Era.  Young ladies played this graceful game with just two sticks and a hoop. The grits have had a ball trying to master this game. It has definitely sparked their interest in games from the past and brought  a little piece of history to life for them.

How to play: Two players stand a few paces apart. Use the sticks to throw the ring back and forth. After each toss back up one more step.  See how far apart you can get before the hoop touches the ground.

Sets include: 4 Sticks, 1 Hoop, Instruction Booklet, Carrying Bag, and 3 strands of ribbon to decorate your hoop with.

These are available at Pastimes from Past Times  for $8.00  plus shipping!

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Teri Tarrant said...

Round-A-Bout Game (Blue)

Christal said...

Legionary Game (Green)

1porkchop said...

I like the red roundabout game

1porkchop said...
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1froglegs said...

Tiddly Winks. I have heard of it before but never knew what it was.